Monthly Youth Activity Night as scheduled. Text or Call 587 223 0708 for details.

Youth Rallies – we plan to partner with the Street Invaders Revive event in Calgary April 22-23, 2022. contact:

DTM (Small Training and Outreach Groups) – every Saturday during scheduled seasons at 7pm. Thursday outreach group is also available. Text or Call 587 223 0708 for details. (we run for 9- 10 weeks each fall, winter and spring season)

The new Fall Season will begin mid-Sept, 2022 (schedule TBD)

Special Easter Party planned for April 9

Closures in 2022:  closed on: month of April, May 23 and for July and August. 

We are closed on Fridays and Saturdays that land on a Stat Holiday or during a holiday weekend.

We also close all events over two weeks for Christmas and New Years.