Four12 Drop-in is open every Friday Night from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at 9827 Horton Rd. SW Calgary

During Covid-19 Phase 2 in Alberta, we can allow for 20 people while keeping appropriate distancing.

Chapel is at 8 pm and is also live-streamed via Instagram.

Airdrie Drop-in has been Cancelled due to Covid-19

Airdrie Programs: dates and locations are being planned for the Fall 2020

Airdrie DTMs Clubs and Groups will be hosting a gathering at East Lake Park Music and Chapel Night, 7pm, June 26, 2020, by the exercise park. 49 participants max. bring your own lawn-chair and bug repellent and we encourage a face mask. (scarf or bandana work)

Airdrie Drop-in/ Covid 19 Closure - Sorry

Due to Covid-19 and our rental out of a local school, we were unable to continue using the facility at this time. Plans are for a different pattern of Monthly youth events and activity nights coming in the fall of 2020. Airdrie Youth Night - schedule to be posted soon!