Four12 Drop-in is open every Friday Night from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at 9827 Horton Rd. SW Calgary. our events are free. you must be 12years+ to attend.

Covid-19 guidelines are updated at the Four 12 centre and in Airdrie as AB Health updates their requirements, so that we can ensure your safety and be compliant with AB guidelines.

Airdrie Programs: Text or call for details: 587 223 0708

  • Currently, Airdrie is running DTM groups on Saturdays at 7pm
  • Nov 21 and Dec 12 are our next monthly youth events.

Airdrie Drop-in has been Cancelled due to Covid-19

Airdrie Drop-in/ Covid 19 Closure - Sorry

Due to Covid-19 and our rental out of a local school, we were unable to continue using the facility at this time. Plans are for a different pattern of Monthly youth events and activity nights coming in the fall of 2020. Airdrie Youth Night - schedule to be posted soon!